I'm accomplished searching for super-trendy stuff – right here is my purchasing listing for longevity


In my younger years, I was always following trends. Whether it was an it silhouette, a statement accessory, or a vibrant new shoe style, I fell in love quickly. And thanks to the ever-changing trend cycle, I got bored just as easily and got down to the next thing. This fleeting behavior is not only exhausting, but also extremely wasteful – in terms of both money and discarded parts. As I do my best to donate clothes and shoes I no longer wear and shop for sustainable brands, I am not losing out on the negative impact the entire fashion industry has on the environment.

To reduce my personal contribution to these negative impacts, I have researched my shopping habits and introduced some actionable items that feel like sustainable solutions. I make an effort to shop mostly second-hand (The RealReal has become my best friend), ditch shoes instead of swapping them out for a new pair, and have made it my goal to stop getting caught up in every trend that comes up. Instead, I invest in timeless pieces that I will wear for years. From classic coats to vintage jeans, here is my timeless wardrobe checklist for maintaining a wardrobe with a long lifespan.


Melinda Martin