I'm accomplished with magnificence merchandise that don't make an enormous distinction – these 23 by no means disappoint


Confession: My stash of beauty has grown to a monstrous size. One of the many benefits of my job is that I have access to myriad of products and can test the best lotions and potions recommended by celebrities and skin experts. As I've transitioned to work from home for the past few months, organizing my collection has gotten quite complicated. This riddle also challenged me to be brutally honest with the products that just don't make a big difference. I just don't have a place in my life for mediocre products, so with immediate effect, I'm done with those things that don't give results.

I've never really been a fan of products that make a difference. That's why I always keep my eyes on serums, creams, oils, and the like when I scroll through my favorite e-retailers, especially during their epic sales, with a proven track record. And one such retailer, who sells tons of products that look more than just pretty on your vanity, is my contact, Dermstore. Starting today October 13th, save up to 20% on some of the game's most trusted formulas for hair, makeup, skin care, and body during the annual Dermstore Deal Day event. Simply use the code "OHJOY" at checkout to secure the savings.

And luckily, I've already closed the sale and found 23 products that lift, tone, soften, tone and brighten from head to toe. Check out my trusted tips and hurry up – sale ends October 14th.


Melinda Martin