I'm ditching my strapless bras for these 18 highly-rated alternate options


This summer and fall, we are seeing a huge increase in "complicated" clothing that requires a bra situation that is also more complicated than your average. Between cool necklines, backless dresses, and the latest "napkin top" craze in the fashion world, I wouldn't be surprised if you've been looking for strapless bra alternatives more than usual lately. At least I definitely am.

The problem I have with traditional strapless bras is that they aren't always completely invisible, and even the most supportive of them tend to slide down at some point. So I went looking for the best alternatives that still work, and ended up with the 18 articles I share here. From self-adhesive bras and pies to Kim Kardashian-approved tit bands, these have me ready to throw my strapless bra away.

If you too want to forego strapless bras without sacrificing the support and shape they provide, keep scrolling to find some great alternatives that have generated countless customer reviews.


Melinda Martin