I'm severe about my PJs and this $ 34 brief set blew my thoughts


I'm special when it comes to loungewear – it has to be cute and extremely comfortable. If I can't bend down into a pair of joggers without pulling them up, they'll be sent back! I have a ton of loungewear for the day, but recently I've been struggling to find pajama-style loungewear that I want to sleep in. When I go to bed I don't like light fabrics, so when I'm looking for sleep-worthy items, I tend to look for thicker fabrics with a lot of stretch.

I recently discovered these $ 17 Old Navy Cozy Rib Knit Pajama Shorts with a rollover waist and knew they had great potential. Next I found a matching cropped plush-knit pajama lounge top ($ 17).

When the package arrived, I tore it open, touched the fabric and said, "Holy crap, that's soft!" The shorts were absolutely perfect. I had an idea how they fit the model, that they are a bit loose, and they were. The knit is ribbed and a mixture of rayon, polyester and elastane. I put them on and immediately fell in love. They hit a few inches above my knees but are long enough that my thighs don't touch while sleeping (annoy a pet). The waistband has a built-in tie with an even softer rollover waist that's soft against the skin. The matching top is luxurious and has a boxy cut, although it is not ribbed so they have different textures. The set is also available in a darker charcoal material and I will definitely get it.


Melinda Martin