I'm the Bougiest Bather – these are the showering units that I extremely suggest


Everyone who knows me is aware of my affinity for luxurious bathing experiences. That's why I've become the automatic contact person to buy, research and recommend everything that has to do with the bathroom. Of course, this time of year is my favorite brand as all of my favorite bath and body brands are available on Holy Grail sets with their most sought-after offers.

Since there's nothing that makes me happier than gifting and indulging in the best bath sets on the internet, I've carefully sifted through all of the chicest options to bring you my editor-approved selection of bath and shower clips. Not a bathing person? Don't fret – these handy bundles are awesome gifts, or just as magical in an upright shower if that's more your MO.

Keep scrolling! The 15 best bath sets that are worth tasting for are right below.


Melinda Martin