Indulgent Self-Care Nights Are My Secret Expertise—Right here Are the Objects I Swear By


I’ll be honest—my collection of candles, bath salts, body elixirs, and masks of all varieties has been exercised at an unparalleled level this year. Stress and anxiety are at a universal high, and relaxing into a tension-releasing bubble bath surrounded by flickering candlelight and fragrant notes of violet or jasmine is not to be underestimated. I’m a huge proponent of self-care, and taking moments to sit and relish stillness is what gives us the energy to push and perform through the tricky and important stuff. 

As a bath-, body-, and skincare-enthusiastic beauty editor, you can only imagine the copious amounts of products I’ve tried and worked my way through this year, but trust me when I say some have been far superior to others—and, unfortunately, significantly more expensive. In case you missed it, Sephora’s annual Holiday Savings Event is officially in full swing, so I’m taking the opportunity to stock up on some of my most prized self-care possessions in addition to recommending all of said favorites to you. 

As with all of Sephora’s Beauty Insider Events, there are three different tiers to the savings opportunities. (And if you’re not already a Beauty Insider, you can join for free right here!)  Rouge members will receive 20% off from October 30 to November 9, VIB members will receive 15% off from November 3 to November 9, and Insiders will receive 10% off from November 5 to November 9. Simply enter HOLIDAYFUN at checkout, and you’ll be set to live out your most indulgent self-care dreams (wherever the Sephora shopping winds decide to take you). Keep scrolling! My relaxation-time necessities are just below. 


Melinda Martin