I've had this Hole Chunky Knit Sweater for two a long time and it's nonetheless my favourite!


I am not a Marie Kondo. I definitely love shopping and trying out new trends, and I will never be a minimal wardrobe. However, I have a strong appreciation for old favorites, which are items of clothing that I fall back on year after year. One of them is that red gap sweater my mom got for me when I was in my late teens (I'm in my 30s now). With 50 percent wool, I always found the perfect weight and the perfect composition. It's a chunky-knit yarn with the perfect turtleneck. Best of all, it has kept its shape and color over the years. That's almost 20 years! We washed it cold in the machine, but to be honest, a lot of knitwear went to fluffy, misshapen graves in our house because of the washer dryer, so the new resistance of this sweater is downright magical!

But that's exactly what we love about classic brands like Gap and Banana Republic, right? The affordable quality! You can wear gap jeans for 10 years and still synchronize them perfectly with your wardrobe. My mom is a lifelong gap fan and loves a good Christmas sale. Of course my sweater was bought around this time of year. Gap and Banana Republic have big discounts on knitwear for the holiday season, so I've rounded up some options that could become your magical red sweater or a gift someone else will cherish for 20 years.


Melinda Martin