I’ve tried everything from Kim Kardashian’s line of sold out skims – here is my review


By now, you and the rest of the world are likely up to date with Kim Kardashian’s latest project. Skims – a loungewear-meets-intimates-meets-shapewear brand – was founded for almost two years and has already secured sales space at well-known retailers such as Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter and Ssense. Of course, as with almost everything Kardashian does, Skims started off with a lot of fanfare and press, but I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. Celebrity-founded or celebrity-endorsed clothing lines are down to a dozen, and as a fashion editor, your eye becomes even more demanding. But in contrast to the pool of these celebrity brands, I’ve heard time and again from my colleagues that skims are actually good. More specifically, my friends called it a game changer. While shapewear and seamless intimates have always been a thing, until skims they weren’t as available in such a diverse range of flesh-colored colors and sizes at a relatively affordable price. Most of you know that I live to have a try, so today I’m delving into the range of loungewear from Skims. The couch potato in me couldn’t resist the suggestion of cozy tracksuits and bodysuits, so I tested them for a month. Keep scrolling to see all of the pieces I’ve tried along with my honest opinions on each one. You get a reward.

It feels like suddenly everyone is putting on boxer shorts. No longer just for men, more and more brands have integrated the silhouette into their loungewear collections, but I was quite skeptical. I wouldn’t call myself a shorts person, but when it gets unbearably hot, regular pants aren’t enough. These felt pleasantly light and didn’t bend down at all, especially in the thigh area. Another plus is the high waist for an extra style element that looks a bit more upscale than your typical lounge shorts.

When we talk about toxic shopping habits, bodysuits are my vice. I hear them in uncontrollable numbers so I know when I’m seeing a good body. This model is made of a ribbed material that is deceptively soft to the touch, making it a great base layer for all tricky outfits. I styled mine with the cotton rib boxers and it was a look.

Get ready to be wrapped in the softest cloud of fabric you have ever felt in your life. After putting this on, I just couldn’t take it off. Since we were in the house for most of this year, I didn’t have to. I’ve never felt such a cozy, warm velor feel, but the comfortable plushness wasn’t the only thing I loved about this set. The hoodie is a bit shortened, which gives it that extra flair that it feels super on trend. Unfortunately the color I chose is out of stock, but there is a decadent chocolate color in stock.

Sometimes all you want to do is put on the biggest t-shirt you can find and wind down the day. Here’s a shirt for those occasions. Designed for an oversized fit, it certainly feels like something I pulled out of my friend’s t-shirt drawer (minus the faded colors and questionable stains). Like most things from skims, it’s softer than soft, and I paired my t-shirt with matching boxer shorts.

I can’t resist a fitted white t-shirt. It’s basically a key element of my summer uniform. This has a great stretch that hugs every curve without constricting. It turns out a bit larger, so you should choose one size smaller for a very figure-hugging look.

A bathrobe is practically my second skin when I’m in the house. I wear them so often that it has become a running joke with my family and friends that I do everything in them. I tried it after being pleasantly surprised by the rest of the parts of Skims and I was not disappointed. Whenever the LA weather spontaneously decides to chill out or I’m watching a new series, this robe is right by my side. It really feels like being wrapped in a warm hug all the time.

While this isn’t technically loungewear, I have to mention one of my favorite seamless underwear styles. Regardless of whether I am wearing a shooting style or wearing them for myself, I always have a pair of different colors close at hand.

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Melinda Martin