I've tried three "Cloud Mushy" attire objects from Amazon – right here is my trustworthy evaluation


I find clothes with the word "cloud" in their names very appealing. It makes me believe that something is softer than soft, and that's what I want most of my clothing to be like this today. In a related (you'll see) but separate note, Core 10 is one of my favorite fashion brands on Amazon. It was actually the very first private label I ever tried, and I've been a fan ever since. If you're unfamiliar, Core 10 has great active and loungewear all inclusive. And of course it's affordable.

While browsing through the Core 10 range recently, I came across a range of Cloud Soft Loungewear and was obviously immediately intrigued. Who doesn't like affordable soft things that arrive in two days or less? Not me! I ordered a few pieces right away, of course, and I'm here to tell you about them (and show them to you, sorry for the weird lighting and dusty mirrors).

For my honest thoughts, scroll down to the Amazon Core 10 Cloud Soft parts I picked (and for shopping, duh).


Melinda Martin