I've tried what are known as the very best redness decreasing merchandise – listed below are my trustworthy evaluations


For as long as I can remember, I've been plagued by one of the most annoying skin conditions known to humans: redness. Okay, this may be a bit dramatic, but as someone with mild rosacea, redness is basically my middle name. Spicy food, an intensive workout, a relaxing glass of wine, a touch of fear, a light breeze, a Tuesday –Basically you name it and it irritates my skin.

I have always assumed that this was a personal issue that I had to deal with. It wasn't until I recently read a Man Repeller Instagram post about an editor's struggle with pink cheeks and saw the hundreds of comments that I realized this is a common problem. As the product junkie that I am (don't judge) I have tested almost every formula on the market that is advertised as reducing redness, anti-inflammatory, neutralizing, soothing, etc.So I figured I should share the knowledge I gained.

Below, I'll break down how you actually deal with all of these options and give my honest reviews of the best skin care products for reducing redness – essentially, which ones helped and which are a waste of time (and money). I gave each product a 5-star rating and only two got 5-star honors, and I would now consider my Holy Grail products. Now I'm only talking about skin care, not make-up, to cover up the rosiness. If you'd like another story on this (or just want to discuss this further because I could really talk about it all day), you can slip into my DMs here.


Melinda Martin