I’ve Used This Pores and skin-Perfecting Product for 10 Years—This is Why I Will not Give up It


Whether you’re beauty obsessed or not, you’ve probably tried more than a couple of makeup products in your lifetime. As someone who does a minimal makeup routine more often than not, my ballpark guess for how many different products I’ve tried since I was allowed to start wearing makeup at 13 has to be 100-plus. (For reference, I’m 31.) I’m talking eye shadows, lipsticks, concealers, brow pencils, eyeliners, blushes, foundations, bronzers… I could go on, but you get the picture.

I’m sure that’s a low number for the beauty obsessed out there and for some of my Who What Wear colleagues, but to me, it feels like a lot. That’s the fun part of makeup, though—experimenting with new brands, products, and looks; keeping the ones you like; chucking the stuff you didn’t like; and changing up your tried-and-true products when it’s time for a revamp.

My makeup bag has seen a rotating cast of characters throughout the years, from glitter eye shadows and sticky lip glosses to orange bronzers and dewy foundations. But there’s one item that’s been a mainstay for at least 10 years: my favorite Clinique BB cream. And it’s not leaving anytime soon.


Melinda Martin