Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. warmth up after Nuggets lose their final possession to Wizards


The Nuggets had a great chance to at least send their game against the magicians into overtime on Thursday. When the regulation was last held, they had numbers and space for a wide-open, playful layup.

Instead, Denver opted for a 3-point transition attempt by Facundo Campazzo for the win, which was badly lacking. Denver lost 112-110.

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The nuggets took a 3 because:

– Jamal Murray picked up his dribble early on in a 3-on-1 break and then had to choose from one of three nuggets that had hiked onto the 3-point line. (Monte Morris was a trailer.)

– One of those nuggets behind the arch, an unguarded Michael Porter Jr., could have cut into the basket but didn’t.

Murray first tweeted that the piece was on him and said he should have shot:

My fault Nuggets Nation .. on to the next .. STICK WITH US !!

– Jamal Murray (@ BeMore27) February 26, 2021

And then came an alternate angle of the setup for the final game.

But Denver coach Mike Malone did it to Murray and Porter:

Michael Malone at the end of the game:
“We had a layup. It’s a three-on-one break. All Michael Porter has to do is cut the basket. All Jamal Murray has to do is push the ball and attack. But this we didn’t understand … missed opportunity there. “# Nuggets #MileHighBasketball

– Michael Spencer (@ MichaelCBS4) February 26, 2021

Twitter trainers were also responsible for both:

If they were real analytical nerds they wouldn’t take a 3 over a layup. MPJ is just a stupid piece. Nothing to do with analytics.

– sam???? (@sambrazy) February 26, 2021

After seeing this a couple of times, I blame MPJ here, Campazzo and Morris correctly filling the lanes as guards running behind. MPJ should have made themselves available as an insider target while everyone stood out

– LTPicks (@LT_Picks) February 26, 2021

If the Nuggets were just playing for victory in this case, at least they got an open eye for Campazzo. But Washington’s defense was badly beaten and an open 2 was available. But Denver turned it down, and now it’s taking Ls in the overall standings, on social media, and by Charles Barkley:

We just had five minutes of NBA on the TNT crew when we discussed that quick break from the Nuggets.

It ended with Barkley saying, “They were all dumber than stones.”

– Matt Schubert (@MattDSchubert) February 26, 2021


Melinda Martin