Jazz Legs: The Photogenic Pose That Goes Viral


We love finding new ways to take photos, especially when it's so easy to take a super flattering mirror selfie in a new way. In the past few years we've seen Barbie feet and the Baby giraffe pose Now, if you flip through Instagram, you'll find that celebs, models, and fashion fans have a new trick to create photogenic outfit photos. Let me introduce you to all of the jazz legs – a term we coined because of the curved, Fosse-like leg that looks like it belongs on a dance routine.

To master the pose, simply lean on your back leg and bend it at an angle, keeping your front leg forward and straight with pointed toes. It instantly lengthens the body and gives the illusion of longer legs, so it's easy to see why it's the new go-to place for selfies right now. Get a preview of the "Jazz Legs" pose in action, including how I tested it myself.


Melinda Martin