Kamala Harris & # 39; Wet-Day Converse-and-Denims outfit simply went viral


Despite having her own presidential election and a long civil service resume, Senator Kamala Harris is now receiving the most attention she has ever had in her career. Yes, that means more people are aware of their political fashion choices – but no, this shouldn't affect their campaign messages.

While she was on the campaign today, Harris sent a clear message with her relaxed outfit: She remains true to herself despite the intensified examination. She flew to Florida where it was raining and wore her ultimate wardrobe: Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers ($ 50). She wore them frequently during her own presidential election, and now she remains loyal to them under a new bright spotlight.

Harris & # 39; Converse sneakers have been getting fans excited lately. Her sister Maya Harris explains to Twitte that they "are actually her point of contact (shoes)". Scroll down to see Harris add some shine to her skinny jeans and sneakers over a sleek blazer.


Melinda Martin