Kylie Jenner is obsessed with this 2000s-inspired jewelry brand, and so are we


The chunky ring trend is taking off and one designer to thank is Clare Ngai from BonBonWhims. We spoke to the designer of the quirky brand who will take you back to the 2000s with their colorful designs. The name also seems to have the same cheerful feel that the designs evoke. “BonBon means candy in French and it also means good. Whims is short for whimsical, [so that’s how I got] moody. I wanted this to be a really positive brand that was just in a good mood and I think this really embodies all of those messages. As you can see, my jewelry is very colorful and chunky, “said Clare to POPSUGAR.

“Making jewelry has always been a hobby and then the pandemic started and I started doing more to use it as a distraction. During COVID and when I was working from home I thought, ‘Just let me start an Instagram and see what happens. ‘ Of course it was just friends and family at first. Then slowly random people would DM me. It was actually a DM-to-shop brand until last November. “

Another thing we love about the brand? BonBonWhims gave back to the AAPI community by donating to Send Chinatown Love, Stop AAPI Hate, Heart of Dinner, and AALDEF. So you can also feel comfortable with your shopping! Keep scrolling to learn more about the brand and to shop for some of our favorite products.


Melinda Martin