Ladies over 40 know that these styling tips make an outfit extra trendy


We follow a number of 40+ influencers, especially because of their seasoned take on fashion. Of course, age has absolutely nothing to do with what you should or shouldn't wear, but this set only brings it up with your experience over the years to optimize a wardrobe. In fact, we specifically target women over 40 for unique styling inspiration.

With that in mind, we recently noticed the interesting style trick by Renia Jaz, one of our favorite followers, behind @venswifestyle. Instead of buying an asymmetrical tank, she actually used one of her classic H&M tanks for this outfit and moved the straps over her head to create her own asymmetrical top. Yes, a brilliant trick to take the outfit to the next level.

After all that, we figured we'd feature more of this look below, along with other interesting styling tricks that we notice from some of our other favorite fashion folks over 40. Keep scrolling for a few tips to help you make your outfit more fashionable. And when you feel like shopping, you'll also discover some of the chic pieces these influencers love too.


Melinda Martin