Lexip’s Np93 Alpha Gaming Mouse comes with a pretty cool built-in joystick


There are many gaming mice on the market today. Some focus on speed, others on ergonomics, and others on giving gamers access to as many buttons as possible. If you are looking for more functionality than speed or feel, the Lexip Np93 Alpha might be of your interest.

Unlike other gaming mice that may build thumb-access buttons into the side of the mouse, Lexip has attached a mini-joystick to the side of the mouse instead. Using a joystick gives players access to additional functions and movements that a normal button may not provide.

For those who prefer buttons, however, this is not a problem as the Np93 Alpha also has 12 programmable macros so you can set up some custom commands to suit your gaming needs. Lexip also included a few different weights for the mouse. So if you prefer it harder for greater accuracy or lighter for faster reflexes, these options are available to you.

If this sounds like a gaming mouse you might be interested in, at $ 50, the Lexip Np93 Alpha is actually quite affordable and available at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop.

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Melinda Martin