Lily Collins latex costume is the polar reverse of Emily within the Parisian fashion


I doubt you'd find what is described as a mermaid bustier latex dress in Emily's much-discussed fictional wardrobe in Paris, but that's exactly what Lily Collins IRL was wearing on the red carpet right now – and I'm obsessed. She wore a curvaceous dress from the Saint Laurent F / W 20 collection, and the sultry Catwoman vibe is a far cry from the cheerful floral dresses, pink skirts and berets that Emily Cooper and her friend Mindy Chen love.

Collins has played a role with her outfits lately – she also recently wore some thigh high boots with a cage knit sweater. Since we are eagerly awaiting Emily in Paris season two, you need to fix your Collins by watching her latest movie, Mank, which was released a few weeks ago and is already on Netflix. Scroll down to see her latex outfit and shop for the leather trend for yourself.


Melinda Martin