Logitech is done with its Harmony Universal Remotes


Over the years Logitech has developed a variety of Harmony universal remotes. For those unfamiliar, universal remotes, as the name suggests, are remote controls that can control a wide variety of devices. This is useful when you have multiple devices and don’t have to constantly switch back and forth.

If you were hoping to see a new Harmony remote from Logitech soon, unfortunately you will be disappointed to learn it won’t happen again. Logitech made an announcement on their forums that they have officially discontinued production of the Harmony remotes and will forever end it.

Logitech: “We have received questions from the community about the future of Harmony and are here with an official update. While Harmony remotes are and are available through various retailers, Logitech will no longer make Harmony remotes in the future. “

The company doesn’t mention why it stopped production and discontinued series, but does state that it will continue to support existing models for the foreseeable future. For those who haven’t got their hands on the Harmony remote yet, don’t worry, they’ll continue to retail while supplies last. So you should act quickly when you have a particular model in mind.

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Melinda Martin