Luna Stephens, hiding under Chrissy Teigen’s dress train, is the cuteness of the red carpet


Luna Stephens has already mastered the art of the red carpet viral moment. The little boy stole the show at Global Citizen’s Vax Live concert this weekend when it hid under mother Chrissy Teigen’s clothes train several times. Chrissy’s orange Valdrin Sahiti dress was a fitting hideaway – although it was short and legless at the front, a voluminous addition of silky material ran down the back and begged virtually every adventurous 5-year-old to play the parachute game with it.

Luna looked like a little fashion fanatic herself for the Global Citizen event and put on a pastel-colored butterfly dress, Chlo√© sandals and a hair clip adorned with white pearls. Tech-wise, the Vax Live concert might not air until May 8th, but you can bring in photos of Chrissy and Luna’s cute red carpet for your daily dose of cuteness. Oh, and make sure you take a look at the sexy outfits (yes, plural) Jennifer Lopez wore for the same gathering.


Melinda Martin