Marine Serre and A $ AP Rocky Collab on an environmentally sustainable assortment produced from regenerated supplies


The celebrity-recognized French ecofashion brand Marine Serre worked with A $ AP Rocky's AWGE creative agency on an ecologically sustainable capsule collection made from recycled and regenerated materials. The limited-edition Marine Serre x AWGE capsule features men's and women's apparel, available now at prices ranging from $ 244 to $ 3,175.

"It was a lot about immersing yourself in each other's world," said Marine Serre, the designer behind her brand of the same name, in a press release. A $ AP Rocky added, "Collaborations come and go, this was more of a partnership where Navy and I got to celebrate the things we admire about each other's creativity."

The 11-piece Marine Serre x AWGE collection features a crescent pattern and includes a black puffer jacket, rag, cagoule, leggings, pants, denim jacket, hooded dress and a new graphic addition to the brand's signature collection of moon tops. Marine Serre x AWGE is called an "eco-futurist" and refers to a post-consumerist aesthetic with patchwork pieces made from fabric waste, all of which have been reconstructed almost post-apocalyptically.

Take a closer look at the collection and some of our favorite pieces in advance, exclusive to Marine Serre.


Melinda Martin