Maya Rudolph nails her SNL return as Kamala Harris within the Senator's signature sneakers, no much less


Maya Rudolph steps in the shoes of Senator Kamala Harris again Saturday night live. Maya, a former SNL As a performer, she returned to 30 Rockefeller Plaza on October 3 to repeat her role as Democratic vice presidential candidate. Of course she put it on.

In real life, Kamala has a fairly large collection of sneakers and often slips into a Converse for campaign events. Maya channeled that casual and practical energy into her cold cameo with Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin to prove she was laced and ready to win while hitting iconic lines like, "America needs a WAP woman to be president. But now I will do it." Satisfy yourself with HVPIC – the responsible Vice President. "You tell them Kamala, um, we mean Maya! Check out the sketch and the low-top sneaker moment.


Melinda Martin