Michelle Obama used her new knitting skills to turn Barack into a sweater he didn’t wear. . . Still


Michelle Obama uses her newly discovered knitting hobby. After telling Ellen DeGeneres about the skills she acquired during shelter-in-place, the former first lady recently expanded her love of knitting during one CBS this morning Interview with Gayle King. An advice? Don’t call the pastime an “old lady” when you talk to Michelle.

Gayle said to Michelle, “I was surprised that you knit … no disrespect, but that sounds like a very old lady.” But the former first lady said it actually suits her personality because she likes to “create something out of nothing”. She jokingly said to Gayle, “I don’t want you to come to my knitting community!”

Michelle does all sorts of things at home for loved ones, including a crew-neck sweater for Barack that he wasn’t wearing. . . still. “He will [wear it]”she assured Gayle.” It was ready when it got a little warmer so it’s ready for him. However, the halter tops she made for daughters Malia and Sasha are already a huge hit. Watch Michelle get excited about all the things knitting in her chat with Gayle in the video below, starting at 5:05 am.


Melinda Martin