Microsoft is exhibiting a jeans-clad Xbox Collection X controller that you would be able to't purchase


Over the years Microsoft has released several themes and variations of the Xbox controller, but we believe they may have outdone themselves this time around. In a tweet from the Xbox Canada account, the company unveiled a unique denim-clad Xbox Series X controller.

Basically, it looks like Microsoft tucked the Xbox Series X controller into a pair of jeans, a very small but very cute pair of jeans with pockets in the back (or in the front) and even a couple of belt loops. According to the tweet, Microsoft calls this the "Canadian Tuxedo" controller.

The "Canadian tuxedo" is now a three-piece suit.
This Canadian tuxedo controller is one of a kind, but let us know what your dream Canadian-themed controller would be. We could just make it …

– Xbox Canada (@XboxCanada) January 15, 2021

Unfortunately for gamers hoping to get their hands on this controller, you're out of luck. This is because the tweet claims that this will be a one of a kind controller, suggesting that Microsoft made it just for fun, and it isn't necessarily something they are planning to mass-produce, which is a shame as it is looks like a fun design.

That being said, we wouldn't be surprised if this design inspired third-party accessory makers or sellers on platforms like Etsy to come up with similar ideas and designs that you could potentially buy. However, this is not a guarantee. So don't get your hopes up for now.

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Melinda Martin