Monday Evening Soccer DraftKings Picks: Recommendation on NFL DFS Lineups for Week 10 Bears-Vikings Showdown Tournaments


Bears vs. Vikings isn't the most exciting matchup on Monday night, but at least it's Dalvin Cook. That could also be the motto for this week's 10 DraftKings Showdown: At least Dalvin Cook has it.

There is no one who is worth becoming a captain in this game. There aren't enough studs to make using a value captain worthwhile. We can just as well count on Cook to put together a third monster game in a row in the hopes that some of our value flex decisions, like Darnell Mooney and Lamar Miller, will succeed.

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DraftKings Showdown Picks: Bears vs. Vikings

Captain (1.5x Price, 1.5x Points): RB Dalvin Cook, Vikings ($ 20,400)

The highest fantasy scores in weeks 8 and 9 both belonged to Cook. While the bear makes a stronger run defense, there's no reason to be anywhere in this captain's seat other than Cook. It is the safest volume and production on Monday evening.

FLEX: QB Nick Foles, Bears ($ 9,800)

The Vikings were a pass defense in the lower half this season. Foles doesn't inspire much confidence, and it would be worse if Allen Robinson (knee) fails, but with no running game to speak of, Chicago should be counting on Foles. Its volume should be sufficient to be worth playing.

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FLEX: WR Justin Jefferson, Vikings ($ 8,600)

Jefferson has been cooling off lately, seeing only four targets apiece in the past two weeks. But as long as Cook is doing his thing, there won't be any super dominant recipients on this list. We'll take the cheaper Jefferson advantage compared to Adam Thielen.

FLEX: WR Darnell Mooney, Bears ($ 6,600)

Mooney is an even more tempting game when Robinson is out, and even deserves the captain's consideration in this scenario. He is a deep threat that can explode in a hurry if Foles finds him out of defense just once. His advantage is preferred to Anthony Miller's relatively safe game in a DFS tournament format.

FLEX: TE Kyle Rudolph, Viking ($ 3,400)

Rudolph will be popular because of the absence of Irv Smith Jr. (groin). He also finished a four catch game for 40 yards. We know Kirk Cousins ​​will be counting on Rudolph by now if he gets to throw in the red zone, so we're hoping for a touchdown for the big guy.

FLEX: RB Lamar Miller, Bears ($ 200)

The bears activated Miller for Monday night with David Montgomery (concussion). Miller will be playing his first game since tearing up his ACL in 2019. There's no telling what his workload will be, but with the likes of Cordarrelle Patterson and Ryan Nall as main competitors, Miller should at least get enough work to justify his reserve price.


Melinda Martin