Mophie’s new power bank can crank your car


Power banks are a dozen, and for the most part, there is nothing special about them, although that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. However, Mophie recently retired the latest power bank called the Mophie PowerStation Go Rugged Compact, which is quite a unique device when it comes to power banks.

What makes it so special? According to Mophie, what makes this power bank so unique is the fact that it can actually be used to start your car’s batteries. Like I said, most power banks are pretty “boring,” but this one actually seems useful when your car’s battery is dead and you need jump starters to get it to the mechanic.

It’s not necessarily the smallest power bank we’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty sturdy and not only offers the ability to start a car, but also an internal 29.9Wh battery, two USB-A ports, and a built-in battery. in the floodlights that can be used at night when you are trying to find something or when you need extra light to connect the power bank to the car and start it up.

At $ 100, the Mophie PowerStation Go Rugged Compact isn’t exactly the cheapest power bank we’ve seen, but given its features, it might actually be worth it. For more information or to purchase, visit Mophie’s website.

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Melinda Martin