My associates and I believe these are the perfect vogue finds on Amazon


In the past few months, Amazon has become a fashion discovery hotspot for my friends and me. The platform's fast shipping and the ability to literally find everything have earned their place as bread and butter for the essentials of clothing. We even found a number of easy-to-design pieces that mimick our favorite runway looks without breaking the bank (which is a success in itself)!

But when they say you can find something on Amazon, they mean it. And that also means that sometimes you can get lost in the sea of ​​options. When we started shopping on Amazon, it felt a little intimidating to endlessly scroll through all of the options before we found a piece that we really loved. Even so, we quickly learned that there are so many hidden gems on the website.

To save you time, we've carefully curated some of our favorite Amazon finds. From dresses to active wear to accessories, these chic and affordable options are sure to find a great place in your own wardrobe.


Melinda Martin