My busy pals depend on these 7 senseless winter outfits


I'll get to that in a moment: I'm busy like you. Hence, finding some free chunk of time (even if it's only 15 minutes) to plan a well-styled outfit can be more of a challenge than it sounds like. Hence, I tend to rely more on easily contractable ensembles that are essentially mindless due to their simple nature. Sure, I have a few formulas in the back of my mind when I am in an emergency, but there are actually an assortment of seizures I have for the winter that I am trying or suggesting to my busy friends.

With that, I've rounded up seven simple winter outfits that are chic but take no more than 30 seconds to put on as the minimal pieces that make up each look work hard. Keep scrolling for a bit of a visual and shopping inspection. And while you may already have many of the items in your closet, I bought similar finds if you want to brush up on this winter offer too.


Melinda Martin