My friends trust me for style advice – I’m now in love with these 34 chic items


As a fashion editor, I have found that my friends routinely use me as a trusted source for fashion instruction. Basically, I’m often one of the first people they text me when they’re on the fence about a particular item or need help pinpointing the latest trends.

One of my very good friends recently asked me for advice on some of the best oversized blazers because she wanted to add laid-back tailoring to her wardrobe. I sent over three options (including this $ 75 Nordstrom pick). I also sent her a few other spring items that I love that I knew you would like. I thought you might be interested in some of the pieces mentioned, so I’ll share the following points (the first four on the list). I also browsed through a few of my favorite sites to discover a few other fancy items that piqued my interest.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to see top-notch spring and summer items that might be worth adding on your shopping list this season.


Melinda Martin