My pores and skin is dehydrated – these merchandise are my hydration savers


While there are a lot of fun aspects to winter (snow, vacation, cozy clothes, etc.), there are also some that make life a little more difficult. From the mass stratification to 4pm sunsets, winter has its drawbacks. I personally fear the cold, dry winter air that ravages my skin. As soon as the seasons change, I can feel it in my skin – seriously.

I mentioned earlier that I have hypersensitive skin so this may not happen to everyone, but keeping my skin hydrated and happy during the winter is a big struggle for me. For this reason, I have tested countless products in search of products that are far away and provide relief to my dehydrated complexion – be it in the form of a cream, an oil, a serum or a mask. I've found 23 of the best moisturizing skin care products to turn to when my skin feels particularly dry and irritated. So, I'll outline them below for anyone who is experiencing the same problem. And since dry air doesn't just affect the skin on your face, I've added products that keep your body, hands, and lips nourished as well.


Melinda Martin