Netflix can now be streamed on the Amazon Echo Present


One of the advantages of smart displays is that not only do they work like a smart speaker, but by adding the display they can also watch videos, video feeds, etc. If you want to make your smart display a little more fun, you'll be delighted to learn that Netflix is ​​now available to stream on Amazon's Echo Show.

It was announced a few months ago that Netflix could be streamed over the Echo Show, but it looks like the integration has finally arrived. All users have to do to start Netflix is ​​say, "Alexa, open Netflix" and they're good to go. Of course, you'd have to have an active Netflix subscription to watch the shows, but if you do you should be able to pick up right where you left off.

The advantage of Netflix, which can be streamed on a device like the Echo Show, is its ease of use. For those who keep their smart displays in the kitchen to watch cooking videos while cooking or just to chat, you now have a new way to entertain yourself.

Additionally, we're not sure how many people would actually want to use a smart display for such a purpose, but like I said, it's an alternative to the TV or your smartphone in case you want a bigger screen and don't have options, not a bad thing .

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Melinda Martin