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New yr, new exercise garments! I would like Mindy Kaling's tie-dye tracksuit in my closet ASAP


January is the Monday of the year, which makes the thought of exercising at the start of the new year seem quite daunting. But like a comfy outfit that stays at home, stylish workout clothes can add a much-needed mood boost, and Mindy Kaling's colorful tie-dye tracksuit is exactly that look. In rainbow-soled sneakers, Mindy showed off her workout regimen for 2021 (aka stretching) on ​​Instagram and gave us a glimpse of her pink, orange and blue hoodie, reminiscent of a sunset picture.

"Most of my workouts just stretch TBH," Mindy commented on the post. No matter how easy the workout is, we plan to follow in Mindy's fashionable footsteps as soon as possible. The matching pants and lush patio make for an overall feel that says, "I feel good and look good," and we will definitely channel that energy when we buy similar tie-dye sets. Pick a new workout ensemble and don't forget the matching shoes.


Melinda Martin