NFL followers react to jets flying full tanks and being attentive to Raiders & # 39; game-winning TD


The Jets have found ways to lose all season, but the loss to the Raiders on Sunday between 31 and 28 could be proof that New York is in full tank mode.

After 28 seconds between 28 and 24, the Jets somehow decided to leave the Las Vegas runabout Henry Ruggs in one-on-one conversations with the uncovered rookie corner Lamar Jackson without helping.

Take a closer look. There were only three Jets defenders back in the game, and the other eight were sent off midfield to third and tenth place with a zero blitz when the Raiders needed a touchdown. How strange is that game call? Well, the Jets are the first team to have eight players on a game in the last 30 seconds of a game this season, according to NFL Next Gen Stats.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was quite shocked to see the Jets leave with a full flash.

"I couldn't believe we were totally blown away. I was grateful," he said.

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Some fans asked for answers from Jets coach Adam Gase, who apparently had no explanation for the game call from defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Gase says Gregg Williams feels he can put pressure on Carr in the last game. Felt he had success with pressure from the game. In all honesty, Gase didn't seem able to explain it. #Jets

– Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) December 6, 2020

Jet Safety Marcus Maye said New York "should have played better".

"We have to execute, but you have to help us at the same time," Maye said.

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Fans across the league were ready to call it what it looked like: heavy fueling.

Man to man lightning with seconds left Don't tell me that wasn't on purpose

– Booger (@ESPNBooger) December 6, 2020

Poor Trevor Lawrence. He's really about to be a jet.

The tank lives on there.


Melinda Martin