NFL week 6 climate updates: wind, rain might have an effect on the creativeness, they begin, selections sit down


We're starting to hit a tipping point in the NFL season where colder weather games are not only possible, but probable in many places. Remember that temperatures do not have a major impact on the rating. Unless they're really cold (well below freezing) or paired with wind / snow, we can generally ignore them for fantasy / betting purposes. That being said, we still have a few more games in week 6 that could have a minor impact on the weather and, as always, my focus is more on wind than rain.

Before we get into the Week 6 predictions, we'd like to remind you that if you have any questions about sports weather or how the weather will affect the game (and possibly your imagination, your DFS and your gambling decisions), please feel free to contact us anytime You can find Rotogrinders & # 39; meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter (@KevinRothWx) or check out the hourly NFL weather forecast on RotoGrinders. To take your game to the next level, subscribe to RotoGrinder's exclusive WeatherEdge tool and see how different weather conditions affected the historical rating.

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NFL week 6 weather updates

Forecasts courtesy of Kevin Roth at RotoGrinders.

Lions @ Jaguars. Sustained winds will likely come in around 15 mph, so benching kickers from this game might be worth it, but that's about it.

Jets @ Dolphins. There's a chance for showers and sustained 15 mph winds, but it doesn't look like there's enough here to make decisions that will change the roster.

Chiefs @ Bills. There is a 44 percent chance of rain at kick-off, and there is a chance it will rain heavier late in the game. The winds are weak, however, so you probably won't need to bench any usual starters, especially if two heavily armed QBs are throwing the passes.

Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Narrow end | D / ST | Kicker

All of this can change as we get closer to kick-off. You can follow meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter (@KevinRothWx) and check out the hourly NFL weather forecast on RotoGrinders. For the best weather-related fantasy advice, visit WeatherEdge.


Melinda Martin