Notwithstanding What You May Think, Canada Has Always Been a Tech Hub


As of late, there’s been a great deal of media buzz with respect to the idea that Canada has furtively turned into the following new “tech center point.” The buzz, obviously, is expected – in huge part – to the nervousness many are feeling concerning President Donald Tump’s official request on H-1B visas for outside specialists.

Vanity Fair, in September, for example, composed that, “Very talented tech representatives are stealing away to Canada.” Start-ups in the Canadian tech center point of Toronto state that they’ve been getting “unfaltering, twofold digit increments” in employment applications from the United States since the 2016 decision, the article said.

In any case, governmental issues aside, I’d like to express a contrarian see and give my considerations on the issue, yet more significantly, make two explicit focuses plentifully clear: For a certain something, there will dependably be a “Silicon Valley,” in California, and it’s not going anyplace; and there’s a “Silicon Valley of the North” in Canada (Do U.S. perusers even know this?).

Which carries me to my second point: Canada has dependably been an inventive “tech center point” (and that is no mystery). The True North, truth be told, has a long history of being mechanically imaginative.

O, Canada! The True North solid and free (and creative)

Over the previous decade or something like that, Canada has substantiated itself an innovator in innovation and advancement. One just needs to take a gander at the achievement Canadian tech organizations like Hootsuite, FreshBooks and Shopify have must be helped to remember that reality.

All the more critically, Canada has a long history of people and organizations who have shown their capacity to push the mechanical advancement boundary. From the creation of the radio, to that of the BlackBerry, to the ongoing progressions we’ve seen with blockchain (read: digital money) innovation, one thing is sure: Canada has dependably been where development flourishes.

Reclassifying the outskirts of the Silicon Valley of the North

Once more, there will dependably be a Silicon Valley, however Canada is developing and grow the topographical scene of where organizations and people can set up and work their tech adventures.

Indeed, I trust that the geological outskirts of what presently characterizes the Silicon Valley of the North are likewise starting to extend. In the area of Ontario, the Toronto-Waterloo Region Corridor (which is the reason for the “Valley” moniker) shapes a 112-kilometer trail of tech advancement. This hallway even has its own site:, which is at present home to 15,000 tech organizations, 200,000 tech laborers and 5,200 tech new businesses.

Be that as it may, the Corridor (or California’s Silicon Valley so far as that is concerned) didn’t begin as a worldwide focus of ability, development, advancement and revelation. Everything began with a couple of organizations that ended up fruitful, which at that point drove others to state, “On the off chance that they can fabricate an effective tech organization here, at that point for what reason right?”

For instance, I began a product organization in Niagara, which verifiably has been a hands on assembling network. In any case, over the most recent five years, Clickback has developed like insane and is as of now positioned (in 2017) No. 32 in the product classification on the 29th Annual Profit 500 Ranking, which is a rundown of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies put out by Canadian Business.

I don’t express this to inspire anybody, just to show how if a tech organization found a great many kilometers from Silicon Valley and 132 kilometers from Waterloo, can do it, others can as well. That is my expectation. I trust that others can have a similar effect in, state, Niagara as BlackBerry did in Waterloo, and work toward the objective of extending the land fringes of the Canadian “Passage” to before long incorporate the Niagara Region.


With an end goal to understand this vision, I as of late procured a 40,000 square foot, six-story business working in the downtown center of St. Catharines, Ontario (the biggest city in the Niagara Region). Notwithstanding being another home for my organization, this site will likewise turn into the main private innovation and advancement quickening agent in the Niagara Region.

Meanwhile, if a couple U.S. tech laborers happen to come thumping on our entryway, and they happen to share our vision, we’ll readily welcome them in. My two greatest takeaways for thriving tech business visionaries?

Continue improving and advancing.

Keep on moving yourselves by endeavoring to tackle enormous issues.

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