Now are they hacking DeFi logs earlier than they even begin?


When the DeFi-Degens got wind of a new advance project from Andre Cronje, they piled up, only to hack away 16 million dollars in a flash.

DeFi is one of the breakout crypto categories of 2020. Indeed, income farming and the great game of “money legos” have been so profitable that many are following each new protocol with eager attention.

This applies even more to projects by YFI inventor Andre Cronje. When news of a new game economy engine called "Eminence" got out before it was released, the DeFi degens used DeFi’s permission to pump about $ 16 million into EMN.

What happened next was arguably the first pre-release hack in DeFi's history. This episode breaks down what happened and what it means for the young field.


Melinda Martin