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Old School RuneScape Farming Guide

Oct 14

Farming is a key part of OSRS. So if you're looking for an effective way to increase your level, then look no further! In this RuneScape farming guide, we'll show how it's done and what tools are best suited for farming on any given day or where there may be more resources with higher yield rates in certain areas in Gielinor.

What Is Farming In OSRS?

Farming in Old School RuneScape is a skill that you can build up through planting seeds and harvesting crops. There's a variety of different veggies, fruits, and trees you can plant in specific Farming lots around the RuneScape world. Once they're harvested then whatever ingredients are needed will come into play for Cooking or Herblore-- both skills which could prove useful on your journey across OSRS.

On the subject of skill enhancement, this also goes for players’ woodcutting experience. For example, plants can be grown in farming patches which only you will have access to and trees are among one of them! This means that when they grow back after being cut down by your axe, you can also earn woodcutting experience.

Planting crops may be the key to getting more productive with your time in-game! With planted crops, you can continue harvesting them even after logging out and they grow at different rates depending on their type. If farming is something that interests or fascinates you then this could help make up for the lack of activity by giving back experience without having as much invested into OSRS.

Why Do You Need To Level Up Your OSRS Farming Skills?

Farming is a great skill to have in Old School Runescape. It allows players the opportunity of increasing their Herblore and Cooking levels, among others like Construction or Crafting. However, there are also other reasons why farming should be enhanced such as being able not only to increase your own level but also get better at making OSRS gold with it!

Farming is a tedious but necessary task in RuneScape. As you might have guessed, there are quests within the game that require farming and if one wants to accomplish these tasks efficiently they will need Farming levels 49 or higher. 

Farming is a new and exciting way to play the game. With Farming Guild, players can take advantage of contracts that require they are at least level 45 with intermediate levels unlocked by meeting higher requirements for harvesting more items or growing certain plants in your farming patch.

Farming is a popular way to make gold in Old School RuneScape, but if you're struggling with low-level mining or crafting skills then there's one more option for making your fortune. Herb Runs can be run by players with higher farming levels and it requires almost no equipment!