Older nest thermostats can now monitor your HVAC


Much of the energy in our home is used to heat or cool our homes. That is why there is a need for smart thermostat systems like Nest that can help us avoid unnecessary waste of energy by making smarter decisions for ourselves. One of the features of the new Nest thermostat is HVAC monitoring. However, the good news for those who own older models is that you don't have to buy a new device to take advantage of it.

According to a blog post on the Google website, Google now appears to be expanding the feature to older Nest thermostat devices in the US and Canada. This means that if you already own a Nest thermostat, you can also take advantage of the HVAC monitoring feature and not have to spend extra money on upgrading your current device.

Nest engineer Marco Bonvini claims the feature was worked on two years ago, and it looks like it's ready for consumers now. Bonvini: “If our customers had an HVAC problem, they would call us if something was wrong. We tried to help them troubleshoot and connect them to a Nest Pro, but we wanted to make it more proactive. "

In the event that there is a future problem with your HVAC system, your Google Home app should send you notifications to let you know. You can then have a professional take a look at the system and possibly fix it.

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Melinda Martin