Olivia Rodrigo's stylist talks in regards to the 17-year-old singer's concentrate on eco-friendly vogue


Just a few weeks after 2021 and it feels like we're all just living in Olivia Rodrigo's world. The 17 year old High School Musical: The Musical: The Series The actress started the year with a break-up song called "Drivers License", which dominated the charts, and a matching atmospheric music video. I repeated the track (and since it breaks records left and right I'm sure not alone) and am now deep in the Olivia fan club. So much so that I not only admire her voice, but also her fashion.

I had a chat with Olivia's stylist Laura Sophie Cox, who attracts other stars like Emma Watson and Bianca Lawson you know and love. Laura told me that like Emma, ​​Olivia has her eye on eco-friendly fashion. "She's only 17 but she has this great passion for sustainability. It's really exciting and refreshing to watch," said Laura. "We share the same love for depop, thrift stores, and vintage, and she has a great sense of style."

"She's only 17, but she has this great passion for sustainability. It's really exciting and refreshing to see."

For Olivia's press tours and magazine shoots, Laura strives to select high-fashion looks from eco-friendly designers like Stella McCartney, Maggie Marilyn and Lizzie McQuade. "What better way to celebrate these designers than when strong and powerful women like Olivia wear their clothes?" Asked Laura.

Young people like Olivia place particular emphasis on sustainability as they see the ongoing effects of climate change on their lives. Laura understands that not everyone has access to designers like Stella McCartney – especially teenagers in Olivia's age group. For Gen Z, Laura recommends using an app called Good on You to get an up-close breakdown of your favorite brand's carbon footprint.

"Good on You does all the work for you. It can be an entire minefield, but (the app) is the world's leading resource for fashion brand reviews. They do all the hard work for you," she explained. According to Laura, the app uses expert analysis to give brands an "animal, work and environmental" rating. "When you have apps like this on your phone, you can turn off the middleman and do all the work."

When Laura Olivia is not styling (as in the current music video "Drivers License"), she admires the singer's style from afar. Although she was born in the early '00s, a quick look through Olivia's Instagram shows that she's heavily influenced by' 90s fashion. She dons trendy Gen Z styles namely smocked tops, oversized t-shirts, suit sets, overalls, chunky Dr. Marten boots and Converse sneakers. "She likes her apartments. Like me, she avoids heels," joked Laura.

Laura gets a front seat for Olivia's many incredible accomplishments, and her pride extends well beyond what the singer wears. "She works so hard and deserves all the success," said Laura, referring to the recent "Drivers License" craze. "She is a superstar. She has achieved so much and she is only 17 years old. And on top of that, she is the nicest soul." Laura continued: "She thinks with environmental and social responsibility. It is a pure pleasure to work with and she deserves it all."


Melinda Martin