Ouai founder and writer of Blowing My Technique to the Prime Jen Atkin is unstoppable


Jen Atkin proved it much can happen in three years. In 2017 we sat down with Atkin as our very first guest on Second Life, Who revealed how she became the most influential hairdresser in the world. Atkin is a well-respected hairdresser and accomplished businesswoman. She built her brand from the ground up and evolved from the salon to important editorial shoots and red carpet events. Celebrity clients include the Kardashians and Jenners, Hailey Bieber and Chrissy Tiegen. But it doesn't stop there. Atkin has grown the award-winning hair care brand over the past few years Ouai to a holistic lifestyle brand introducing new categories such as fragrances, solution-based hair care formulas and hand care to offer more wellness and beauty products to its loyal community.

And this year Atkin will add another impressive title to her repertoire: the author. Her much-anticipated book, Blowing My Way to the Top: How to Break the Rules, Find Your Purpose, and Create the Life and Career You Deserve, officially hits bookshelves tomorrow, December 8th. As a memoir and spirited guide, Atkins' book reveals Wisdom About Service Industrial Etiquette, Power and Balance of social media and how you can continuously develop your company – this reading is not inspiring.

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Melinda Martin