Patrick Mahomes' mom reaches for ESPN's Louis Riddick for calling him "Pat" on Monday Evening Soccer.


Hey Louis Riddick: It's Patrick Mahomes – not Pat.

Mahomes' mother Randi made this clear on Monday night when she posted the ESPN color commentator "Monday Night Football" on Twitter, as he called the game Chiefs-Ravens.

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Mahomes' father passed away from Pat during his professional baseball career that spanned 11 seasons in MLB.

Apparently someone on the "MNF" production team saw Randi Mahomes' tweet and brought it to the attention of the booth. ESPN posted it on the show in the second half, and Riddick caught it in a good mood while he was being ripped a little by Steve Levy and Brian Griese.

Let this be a lesson to all future broadcasters: get Randi Mahomes' son's name right.


Melinda Martin