Perpetually 21's Surprising Treasured Moments Assortment is brutal in the absolute best approach


If there was ever any doubt about the cyclical nature of trends, even Precious Moments are making a comeback. In a surprising move that we're not entirely mad at, Forever 21 has just announced a collaboration with the brand behind all of the porcelain figurines that were a household staple in the 90s. Priced starting at $ 13, the capsule collection consists of tracksuits, printed long-sleeved shirts, a crushed velvet top, and more, all with angelic flourishes.

"Precious Moments reminds people to appreciate the people and moments that are important in their lives. Therefore, this new collection not only serves as a nostalgic reminder of years gone by, but also offers a positive and encouraging message for the future," said Precious Moments Product and Marketing VP Shehnaz Safiuddin said in the heartwarming press release. View photos of the wonderfully brutal campaign and purchase selected items from the collection.


Melinda Martin