Police observe down kidnapped girl utilizing her Apple Watch


Many of our mobile devices are now equipped with GPS. This isn't so much that businesses want to know where you are, it's used for health and fitness apps, navigation apps, etc. GPS recording can also be a good thing, as in the case of a woman kidnapped but later rescued by police who used her Apple Watch to track her down.

A report by News 4 San Antonio made police in Texas aware of a possible kidnapping. They received a report from a girl who said her mother had been arguing with a man, Adalberto Longoria, when she heard her scream. She couldn't find her mother later, however, and when she called, her mother replied on her Apple Watch, telling her daughter that Longoria had kidnapped her.

Thanks to the use of an emergency cellular ping, police eventually tracked the woman and Longoria to a Hyatt hotel parking lot where they found the woman in a car. It appears that both the woman and Longoria were arguing and Longoria had asked the woman to get her things from his truck, but later drove away while she was still in the truck bed.

This is not the first time we've heard stories about mobile devices used to track down people in search and rescue efforts. While there are undoubtedly some privacy concerns with devices that have GPS installed on them, there are also some obvious benefits.

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Melinda Martin