Princess Diana was a mode icon, however we have to speak about her magnificence too


There are few people in history who have been able to achieve the same level of widespread worship as the late Princess Diana. Every movement of her outside the palace walls has been meticulously documented by photographers, and as such, snapshots of her iconic sensibility for fashion remain a source of inspiration to this day. From their laid-back vacation style to those cool out-of-duty outfits like jeans and boxy blazers, their influence can still be felt in closets from Hailey Bieber to Harry Styles. While there has certainly been more talk about her style, it is also undisputed that Her (former) Royal Highness could pull off some significant beauty looks.

It may take a little longer to conjure up mental images of Diana's most impressive moments of beauty than thinking of her most enviable dress or chic outerwear, but trust and believe that her beauty instincts were just as strong. While most would rate their beauty aesthetics as relatively tame, those of us with trained eyes will recognize our signature blue eyeliner phase and stunning hair transformations as anything but.

Don't you believe us? Keep scrolling to see the 10 best Princess Diana beauty looks of all time and check out the modern products to help you recreate the iconic looks yourself.


Melinda Martin