Rachel Bilson on The OC Fashion and Shani Darden on the best skin care regimen


HK: ANDOur character Summer Roberts was the height of fashion in the 2000s. There were tracksuits, spaghetti straps, and mini dresses, and looks were heavily imitated in mainstream culture. You obviously knew how big the success of the show was, but at that moment did you realize how influential the fashion from the show was?

RB: Then? No. It was a very specific time for fashion I will say. We only lived it because it was a contemporary show. It’s actually a little scary that that was fashionable. But I’m telling you, all the bikini tops and bottoms that don’t fly. And looking back how a lot of We were in swimsuits is pretty crazy.

HK: Right now there is a tremendous revival in fashion and style of the 2000s and 2000 and I am excited to hear your thoughts on the matter and especially if you saved something from those days that you are actually now wearing again would.

RB: Do you know what’s so funny Juicy couture suits are coming back, but everyone has been wearing matching tracksuits and overalls, whatever the pandemic has ahead of them. And they feel good, you know Here we go. I know there have been some kind of updated versions and other brands and stuff that I definitely have. I don’t have any of my original Juicy things, which is kind of stupid. I think my mother does. I probably gave it to my mom and she still has it and wears it, which is great. But I don’t get much from the show. The only thing I got from the show is a pair of Uggs that I wore between shots that Adam Brody and Samaire Armstrong both resorted to, and I still have them. You are somewhere. They are pretty funny. I should find her.

HK: You have obviously played a million other roles throughout your career, including one of my favorites, Dr. Zoe Hart. I think I’ve seen every episode of Hart of Dixie. I really enjoyed this show. If you had to choose whose closet would you prefer to raid, Summer Roberts or Zoey Hart?

RB: Zoey Hart’s, no doubt.

HK: Were there any pieces that you really loved from her closet?e what are you still thinking about?

RB: Yes, I have something from Zoe’s wardrobe. That was more stuff I would wear personally. She wore a lot of short shorts. I wouldn’t want to wear it now, but I have it. There was a Chanel jacket that I had to keep. That was fun. Other than that, her clothes were so contemporary and cool that I tried to take as much as possible.


Melinda Martin