Right here's how one can tint your eyebrows at house with out screwing something up


Disclaimer: Both experts recommend that you have your brows tinted by a professional. "I personally don't recommend doing this at home," says Sacks. "A professional needs to mix and apply in a salon or spa. This requires experience as it is a chemical that is applied around the eye area and on a delicate hair patch. Tinting brows is a very difficult experience and the knowledge how to phrase it is imperative. "

But if you're not into a salon just now and want to try it out at home, Roberts and Sacks should keep a few things in mind.

Choose your shade wisely: "The most common mistake people make is making their brows look orange. Many over-the-counter products remove the natural color of your brows, but the trick is to actually tint them a complementary color," says Roberts.

Do not mix colors: Sacks recommends sticking close to the tone of your forehead or a lighter shade. "Brown tint just deposits color, so opting for a lighter shade helps keep depth under control – if you use a vegetable dye I recommend," she adds.


Melinda Martin