Samsung is working with Adidas on a special version of the Galaxy Buds Pro


If you’re into custom or collector’s items, you might be interested to know that Samsung recently teamed up with Adidas in South Korea. This team has resulted in a special edition Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro that, as you can see, has been wrapped up like you’re buying a pair of trainers. Also, the carrying case has been designed to look like a lid.

Collaborating with Adidas seems like an odd choice for Samsung, but according to the company, the reason they came up with the collaboration was to showcase the brand’s eco-friendly efforts. Adidas has tried to present itself as a green company by reusing recycled plastics and marine litter and incorporating them into its products. Samsung wants the public to know they support this too.

Samsung claims the headphones on the Galaxy Buds Pro use 20% environmentally conscious post-consumer materials to reduce waste. The case of the Galaxy Buds Pro for this special Adidas collaboration is also made of recycled plastic. Other features of this collaboration include a voucher for the purchase of a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, a custom Adidas lock screen, icons and much more.

Currently, the Galaxy Buds Pro Adidas Originals Special Package is only available in Korea and costs $ 249.

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Melinda Martin