Seven Tips That Will Help You Take Care of Your New Tatto

We know you have been thinking about your first tattoo for months now but how you are going to take care of it. A tattoo might not be much painful when getting it inked but afterwards, it might hurt if you don’t take care of it properly. It’s similar to taking care of a baby so, here we are with a list of tips that will help you take care of your dearest first tattoo.

1. Carefully rinse the tattoo after a few hours

Once the artist is done with the tattoo inking, they will clean and cover it with medical tape and cotton. You have to keep it for a while and gently take it out before washing. Try not to wash it down with harsh chemical soaps. You can simply run some water over it and clean it till it becomes dry.

2. Use baby wipes to keep it clean

Using baby wipes is another way to clean the tattoo after you are done taking the tape out. If you want to avoid using water and soap, buy a small pack of wet baby wipes, and you are ready to go.

3. Make sure to apply a thin layer of moisturizer or baby oil afterwards

We are sure you must have no thought about all this while searching for the “best tattoo shop near me. “You will also have to apply a thin layer of lightweight moisturizer on the tattoo once you pat it dry after washing. This has to be done at least every day before sleeping. You can consider this as a part of the healing process. If you think moisturizer may burn your skin up because it’s super sensitive, try using baby oil. It will protect your tattoo from getting in touch with the water.

4. Try your best to keep it clean and dry

The only negative side of getting a tattoo is you can’t have a bubble bath and soak yourself in Epsom salt for about a month. That’s right! You have to keep the tattoo clean and dry to avoid any kind of infection. It’s okay to have a bath as the water slips away. If you still want to be extra cautious, you can apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly and use it as a protectant from water.

5. Keep it away from direct sunlight

T he next important thing, keep your tattoo away from sunlight. Tattoos exposed for long in the sun can lead to fading out of the colour, especially if it is a colourful shaded tattoo. You have to make sure not to expose it to the sun for longer hours unless it’s an emergency. You spend a lot of money on one single tattoo and don’t want it to go away so quickly. Your first filling session might be free but, don’t you want it to stay a little longer?

6. You have to trust the healing process

The next important thing is never to hurry up when the tattoo is healing. You must know that it will pain and might be swelled up for a while. You have to avoid touching it and avoid it from an infectious environment. If you are going to a party, make sure no one gets too close to the tattoo, it might hurt a lot if a person rubs their skin even by mistake. You have to trust the healing process and follow a routine to take care of it. We are sure with the things you are following it will heal up faster than you expect.

7. Make sure to listen to the artists’ advice

Because this is your first tattoo, the first thing you need to do is search “best tattoo shop near me” and make sure to read all the reviews, negative as well as positive. Not only does hygiene of the parlour matters here, but you also have to make sure that they are good in communication and polite to tell you all the necessary instructions. Every tattoo artist has their own set of rules and instructions. You just have to make sure to ask them what are the things that you have to follow once you go home. The best ones might give you a detailed instruction pallet, while the others might not even tell you until you ask about them. So, try your best and choose your artist wisely!

Treating your first tattoo just like a wound will help you save it from bad possibilities. You will keep it safe under all circumstances and make sure to let it heal until it stops hurting. If you are still unsure about searching for a “tattoo shop near me” then, try watching some YouTube videos that help you gain some confidence. You also have to know that it is not important for you to go along with the trend if you are scared of things like these. 

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