SJP Wore the “Ugly” Winter Shoe Development That is Brisker Than Something Else


Even in the middle of a pandemic, Sarah Jessica Parker is out there showing us all which shoe trend(s) to buy next. It’s been a weird year for shoe trends, as some days, the farthest we walk is from the refrigerator to the couch. But alas, we need to go outside sometimes and fuzzy slippers on city streets simply won’t do. SJP knows this, so she wore a new winter shoe trend that you’ll be tempted to try immediately.

The fresh shoe trend we’re referring to is clogs—both flat and heeled (SJP’s preference, in this case). This shoe style is hardly new but it hasn’t been a trend for a minute, so it’s quite fun to see that it’s back in such a big way. Even Louis Vuitton has a pair (that’s sold out, of course). Clogs look best when paired with casual pieces (like SJP’s puffer and cargo pants), which makes it even more of a good idea in these unprecedented times. 


Melinda Martin