Some AirPods Max homeowners discover condensation of their ear cups


Apple's AirPods Max headphones are not waterproof in any way, so a current issue plaguing some AirPods Max owners is a little worrisome. Several reports say some owners have found condensation in the ear cups of their headphones.

It's unclear why this could happen, but simple science could explain why. The AirPods Max uses a lot of metal, e.g. B. the outer shell of the auricle. This means that heat and cool metal in different environments, e.g. B. in places with high humidity, react with each other and ultimately lead to condensation. Imagine a glass of ice water in a warm room and you have the idea.

Had the exact same problem, with an easy walk (40 minutes) and then again while watching a movie (1h30). Decided to return them after seeing the water enter the driver too and the ring turned red (or maybe I thought about it). Too worrying for me anyway

– Calvin (@klemanet) December 29, 2020

However, some users claim that they have never been in a humid environment. However, it is possible that the heat is coming from our body while we are using the headphones, which leads to condensation. So far, we haven't heard any reports of the AirPods Max not working after condensation, but it seems that this could be a potential problem, especially over an extended period of time.

Apple hasn't commented on the issue yet, but for $ 500 worth of headphones, this would be a pretty expensive solution.

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Melinda Martin